Overview of the Slot Game, “Lady Merlin’s Lightning Chase”

Lady Merlin Lighting Chase is a magically inspired video game created by Boomerang and powered by Relax Gaming. The studio has flipped the script on the Merlin myth by making the legendary magician of Arthurian lore into a witch. She cares less about King Arthur and his Round Table and more about the mysterious science of alchemy. Players can expect to see a lot of lightning in the form of prize collect symbols, free spins, and the Boom+ ante bet feature in Boomerang.

When Lady Merlin Lightning Chase is displayed on the screen, it evokes memories of the Fantasma Games. This may be attributed to the limited color scheme in the backdrop, which is reminiscent of the dark atmosphere of many Fantasma games, as well as the prominent fantasy elements. The playing area of Lady Merlin Lightning Chase is housed within a stone castle/wall construction, rather than being situated in a subterranean cavern. As the firm works to establish itself, there are also obvious connections to past Boomerang games. The main character, Lady Merlin, has the same wide-eyed anime style as Gems of Egypt, and the game’s tone is quite similar to that of Gargoyles Infinity Reels.

There are 432 possible outcomes, all thanks to the 5×5 grid on which the action unfolds. Thanks to the Boom+ ante up function, the game may be played in two distinct modes. With autoplay disabled, you may play for as little as 25 percent or as much as £/€5 with medium volatility. When Boom+ is engaged, bets are increased by 40 percent, from £/€6 to £/€8, and from volatile to medium-high. The wild symbol is improved greatly, and new options become accessible, if this is done. Meanwhile, the RTP fluctuates between 95.69% (non-Boom+) and 95.95% (Boom+). It’s not a significant change, yet it has a remarkable impact on future possibilities.

In Lady Merlin, winning combinations are formed when at least three identical symbols appear in a row, left to right, beginning with the first reel. Payment for the premium option, like other ante bet options, does not raise symbol values. There are four J-A tokens at the bottom of the payout scale, followed by five different colored potions housed in larger and fancier bottles at the top. If you get five of a kind with one of the higher-paying symbols, you’ll receive a payoff of 3.6 times to 10 times your wager.

The Boom+ function is very useful for wild cards. When activated, wilds can replace any icon other than the collect one. When triggered, wilds can take the place of any other icon outside the gather symbol and the scatter. The win multiplier associated with a certain wild is applied to a winning combination that includes that wild. This starts at x2 in the main game and increases throughout free games. Finally, wild symbols only show up on reels 2 and 4.

Slot Game Features in Lady Merlin’s Lightning Chase

Players may win large by amassing lightning coil symbols or launching a round of free games. If a lightning coil appears anywhere on the reels during a spin, it will reveal a multiplier for the current wager, from 1x to 100x. All values in view are paid if they appear at the same time as a collect symbol on reel 3 (or a wild with Boom+ activated).

There will be 3 respins rewarded if 6 lightning coils appear without a collect sign. If three lightning symbols appear during a respin, the new symbols will remain in place and the counter will be reset to three. When a collect tile is revealed, all rewards are given out, respins are reset to three, and the board is reset to their original locations.

If Boom+ is activated and three or more scatters (wilds count too) appear, the player receives 10 free games. Any scatters or wilds that appear during the feature will increase the wild multiplier by one and grant an additional free game. When neither the respin nor the free spins feature is earned via scatters, free spins can still be won from the main game at random. For the avoidance of doubt, free spins can only be triggered if Boom+ is activated.

Judgment in the Lightning Chase Featuring Lady Merlin

There is debate over the major technological advancement in Lady Merlin, Boom+. It’s annoying that you have to spend money to get free spins and use the full features of the game. The boosted wild’s effect is accentuated when an ante bet is in play. However, not all games that use an ante bet are created equal. The addition of Boom+ greatly enhances the fun of the game, but it may also quickly deplete a player’s wallet.

The impact of Boom+, however, is substantial. Lady Merlin’s Lightning Chase is useless without it for a number of reasons. Since the wild may stand in for any other sign, you won’t have to hunt around for the rare gather icon as much, allowing you to collect more lightning coils. It bears repeating that the only method to activate free games in Boom+ is for wild symbols to substitute for the scatter symbol. Boomerang’s mathematicians have cleverly set the pricing of Boom+ such that, in the long run, gamers will win about the same amount of money regardless of the mode they select. However, Boom+ has a huge impact on maximum victory potential when used singly. When Boom+ is deactivated, the maximum payout is 3,808 times the initial wager. When this feature is used, the multiplier increases to 25,600x the stake, thereby rendering the lesser choice useless.

Lady Merlin Lightning Chase is a unique and irritating addition to the Boomerang roster. There are a few bright spots; the game’s visuals are pleasing, the features flow naturally, and the potential is exciting. Can they be said to outweigh the debate? Only the most costly model is worth buying if you want the best results. That might be taken as a smack in the face by certain players.

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